Tablica szachów z widocznymi pionkami

What do we offer?

  • Collecting information in criminal, economic, insurance, civil, divorce, inheritance and other matters.
  • Searching for missing persons, hiding people, family members, others.
  • Conducting divorce cases, preparation of evidence for divorce cases.
  • Verification resumes, employee history, establishing social and business relationships, financial situations.
  • Secret observation of indicated persons, cars and objects.
  • Identifying the offenders of malicious anxiety, criminal threats or defamation.
  • Discreet checking of the child's contacts, control of guardians and housewives.

Methods, tools and techniques of action for the execution of given tasks:

  • Collecting information on criminal, economic, civil, divorce, inheritance insurance and other cases.
  • Conducting investigations and proceedings in cases requiring substantive explanations.
  • Searching for missing people, family members and others.
  • Documenting events, facts and circumstances, evaluating and verifying evidence.
  • Secret observation of people, objects, vehicles.
  • Identifying the perpetrators of malicious disturbance, criminal threats or defamation.
  • Investigative IT.

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