Business protection

Widok na wieżowce z ulicy

What do we offer?

  • Recognizing the company's competitive environment, identifying and counteracting risks.
  • Assistance in the selection and verification of personnel, checking biographical data, employment history, establishing social, professional and criminal contacts.
  • Rozpoznawanie otoczenia konkurencyjnego Firmy, identyfikacja zagrożeń i aktywne przeciwdziałanie szpiegostwu gospodarczemu
  • Capturing "information leaks" from the company, revealing sources and inspirations.
  • Detection of bugging devices in cars and objects, securing business meetings.
  • Verifying employees' integrity and loyalty, disclosing abuse within the company.
  • Conducting internal investigations in cases ordered by the company.
  • Conducting audits, including security audits.
  • Carrying out wariographic examinations (court expert).

Methods, tools and techniques of action for the execution of given tasks:

  • Building teams of experts for a particular case.
  • Documenting events, facts and circumstances, evaluating and verifying evidence.
  • Supervision over the quality of the procedures conducted by the authorities law enforcement and other government agencies.
  • Detection of surveillance and bugging devices.
  • Screening on a "lie detector" (forensic expert).
  • Conducting security and ICT security audits.
  • Secret observation of people, objects, vehicles.
  • Investigative IT.
  • Legal and operational advice and support of Client at every stage of the proceedings.

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